Top 5 Safest Countries in the World You Should Visit

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In our lives, there come certain days when life sucks, and everything seems to get stopped. In that particular situation, the best way to get rid of worries, stresses, and pain is to travel to a beautiful place. But in modern days, the world is going through some crises like Racism, Terrorism, and Corona Virus. So before traveling to any country, you have to make sure whether the selected destination is safe or not. We have studied various statistics, reviews, and resources to build a list that contains the five safe countries to travel to in the coming days.

Here we go:

Ice Land:

Ice land is the country about which many people have many negative thoughts, but in reality, this is the safest country to visit in Europe.

According to IEP (Institute of Economics and Peace), it has a Global Peace Index (GPI) Ranking of 1 with a score of 1.078, and GTI (Global Terrorism Ranking) of 138 with 0 terror score out of 10. Jrs Tracker

It has a very smooth visa policy, and even in a pandemic, you can go there. But if you are from a green listed country, you have to be quarantined for 14-15 days. After that, things will change.

No doubt Iceland is an expensive country, but it is enjoyable too. There are many places you can visit safely in Iceland Hornstrandir Nature Reserve, Thingvellir National Park, Whale Watching Reykjavik, Spectacular Geysers, The Northern Lights, and many more.

New Zealand

Though New Zealand has gone through many terror attacks in recent years, the worst one was Christ Church attack on the Muslims in 2019. But the way it has improved and rebuild things is appreciatable.

They have made several improvements in their laws and security plans. Now it is the safest country in Oceania. It Ranks 2 in GPI with a score of 1.198, following Iceland, and Ranks 42 in GTI with a score of 4.337. If you want to visit Oceania, you must go to Newzealand.

It has many eye-catching destinations like Tongariro National Park, Waiheke Island, Auckland, Queenstown, and many others.


Greenland is an autonomous state in Denmark. It stands third on our list. It is due to the conditions of peace and facilities prevailing in the country. No doubt Denmark has a GPI of 5 with a score of 1.283 and a GTI of 85 with 1.484. as per the IEP GPI report of 2020. No doubt that is lower than some countries out of the list, but Greenland is its part and is the safest one.

Denmark is one of the mainstream states that have reported fewer deaths due to the Corona Virus. It also has no active cases now. It is also accepting foreign tourists as usual with proper SOPs. Citizens of the USA, Australia, United Kingdom, and Canada are not required to have any visa to enter that Danish Country.  It also has highly educated and cooperative citizens.

There are no chances of terrorism or racism over there. In this country, you can find many beautiful places like Sermilik Fjord, Ilulissat Icefjord, Disko Bay, Knud Rasmussen’s Museum, The Magnificent Ice Cap, Katuaq, and many more. Ninja Van Tracker


This Scandinavian country has a Global Peace Index ranking of 14 with a score of 1.404 and a Global Terrorism Index of 83 with the GTI score of 1.721 according to the IEP 2020 reports. It is one of the most fascinating and safer countries in Europe.

In the previous few years, Finland has specifically gained popularity as a wealthy and prosperous country. It has good GDP and educational standards. It also has not recorded any major event of terror since WWII. It is the country that has controlled the coronavirus very well.

If you plan to go to any country in Europe with a calculated budget, it is a good option. It has many places like Suomenlinna Fortress, Kauppatori (Market Square) and Esplanadi, Helsinki, Savonlinna, and several others.


According to UNODC Global study on homicide 2019, Switzerland is one of the safest central European countries. A few statistics called it to be an unsafe country to travel to rural areas, as well as at night.

It has a GPI of 10 with a score of 1.366 and a GTI Ranking of 113 with a score of 0.286. Fewer terrorism events in recent years. Less covid cases. Affordable and Comforting accommodation at a reasonable price. Easy visa process and good traveling agencies.

No one judges you based on your religion or race. Places to visit in this country are Geneva (the capital), Interlaken, Lugano, Jungfraujoch, and others.