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Toll Tracking

Toll Tracking is a globally recognized fast service logistics service. We are serving our clients all across the Philippines and the world & we know business is incomplete without logistics. Our services are just a word of commitment to provide parcels efficiently.

How do I track a toll delivery?

Its really handy, all you have to do is to add your package tracking id and you will get the current status of your packages from all across the world. Our parcel monitory system works reliably for any region of the world.

How long does the toll delivery take?

We are a brand of quick service and reliability. You can easily get a hold of your consignments in just 2-6 business days. Our dedicated team is always working around the clock to serve you.

Does toll deliver on weekends?

No, We deliver all the goods of our customers during business days and we are closed on the weekends. Although if you are a private contractor or your goods involve medical supplies then we are available.

What is Toll priority?

This is our dedicated service solely made for precious documents and parcels which are required in a short time. Our service has made a name for itself. Toll Ipec and tracking have made it easy to track and trace your packages so find easily and send with trust.

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