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Snow Day Predictor

What is the snow day predictor?

Snow Day Predictor is the online calculator which brings you the ultimate and predominant prediction about snow updates and other matters related to it like if your school will be closed or not. Snow Day Calculator tells you the probability in the form of a table that clears every understanding. It helps you to anticipate the extreme cold weather and you will be able to plan your day about school and other activities. This feature is mesmerizing to find out the other day if there is going to snow or not; so, you can plan your perfect proposal to your beloved one and plan your whole day if there’s going to snow.

How do you know if there will be a snow day?

In this busy and centered routine, snow day calc has become important to plan the routine. In winter, the most important concern is about the snowfall and snowstorm. To know about the snow day, there are a lot of snow prediction web-pages; but Snow Day Predictor provides you the accurate snow weather prediction according to the Zipcode or postal area.

How do schools decide snow days?

School decides snow days by entering the zip code of state in which school is located or postal code of Canadian area; Snow day predictor provides the information of snow days. By this information, the school decides whether it’s going to be snow or not.


Here are some distinguishing features of Snow day Calculator:

1. How to find about if snow is going to pour in your area or not?

You just need to put your zip code if you’re from the US; this increases the specification of the probability. Writing about the state is too broad and there can be fluctuation due to wide areas. Canadian citizens can also get benefit from it by putting the Canadian postal code.

2. Simple to use:

It’s user-friendly and you don’t need to do extra work while trying to know the prediction. You just need to put some zip code, the number of snow days in your area, and the type of school to which you go. But the most essential one is putting your zip code and postal code.

3. Calculator in the center and easy to observe:

After putting the google address, it will move you to the main page and the calculator appears in the center of the page. And now you only need to put the area Zip Code and postal area and it will provide you the prediction in a form of a nice table.

4. Result:

It will not give you a single prediction like yes or no, upon entering your zip code because it will you the probability in the form of a table with the current date and day. The probabilities will be like that table:

  1. Limited: no chance due to less precipitation of water vapors
  2. 0%-55%: Little to no chance but there can be snow today.
  3. 55%-75%: Delay most probably.
  4. 75%-87%: Possibility that there will be no school
  5. 87%-99%: there will be no school today or maybe early dismissal

5. Ads on the website:

Here are ads on this website but you don’t need to worry as there are not many ads on the website and it doesn’t cover the main calculator and result.

6. Emails from the services:

You start getting emails from snow day predictor services once you first enter your Zip code and postal area.

This is a unique feature as through this you can receive automatic texts about incoming snow days. This feature will come when you click on the, ‘Do you want an extra, third day of snow day prediction?’


The accuracy depends on the data that the predictor uses the data to foresee the weather. Snow Day predictor takes data from a trusted and reliable weather source and gives you authentic and updated results. But it only gives you the probability of closing school not the clear notice of school closure. Snow day predictor uses the information and hypothesizes the weather and school closing probability.


Snow day predictor provides you the information on snow conditions and storms in your area. You can easily access it by entering your zip code or postal code. It gives you results in form of a table and clears the whole probability.

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