At mycouriertracker, we believe education ought to be generally available. In order to motivate youth about this particular field, we have started a scholarship fund. we are additionally dedicated to helping the pioneers of things to come to take advantage of their abilities by giving grants to understudies from all the control with inabilities.

We are explicitly searching for college understudies who demonstrate the following traits.

  • Exemplify administration aptitudes and a showed enthusiasm for software engineering and innovation
  • Assist people around them to exceed expectations in the field of engineering, law, literature, sociology, computer sciences, and innovation.
  • Help their loved ones use software engineering and innovation. Rcl Tracking
  • Leverage the field of software engineering to change frameworks (from building the following game evolving innovation, to helping families be upbeat, and so on.)
  • Have confronted misfortune and beat it to keep learning and developing in the field of software engineering.


  • Applicants must be college understudies considering, Engineering, Sociology, Literature, software engineering, PC designing, informatics, or some other field at a college in the United States with an incapacity.
  • Applicants must be selected as full-time or low maintenance understudies for the 2020 – 2021 academic year.
  • Applicants must expect to be enlisted or acknowledged as a full-time understudy at a college in the USA for the 2020-2021 academic year. Ninja Van Tracker
  • Applicants must keep up a solid academic record with min 3.0 GPA Applicants must represent administration and enthusiasm for his respective discipline and innovation. Applicants must be 18 old enough or more established.

Scholarship amount

The 10 best applications, as surveyed as per the Criteria above will be chosen to get the grant installment of $1300 (gave as bank move) to be spent on educational cost, charges, books, supplies, and hardware required for the candidates’ classes at their essential college.

Step by step instructions to enter:

No, buy important to enter or win. To apply, candidates are required to send us an essay of 1000 words on the topic of “Modern Courier Mechanism & Distribution Line” frame and give any beneficial data as well as documentation as might be mentioned every once in a while.

  • The Essay Shouldn’t be plagiarized and not copied
  • The essay should be technical and reflects the topic copy
  • Then send us your essay with your institutional email to us at [email protected]
  • The word limit is 1000
  • Please mention your name and phone number so where we can reach you.

Application Deadline

Applications can be received until 31st Dec 2021.

Selection process

  • Each application will be assessed and scored dependent on the accompanying rules: (i) exhibit of enthusiasm to separate; (ii) academic legitimacy; and (iii) showing of administration aptitudes (the “Rules”).
  • Each application that meets the criteria will be evaluated by us as per the Criteria by an inside board of mycouriertracker judges, and the best 10 applications (as surveyed by the board of judges in their sole carefulness against the Criteria) will be fruitful. Ninja Van Tracker
  • Notification of effective candidates will occur by no later than October 2020 at the email address given at the hour of utilization. The warning is dependent upon a check of qualification and consistency with the terms and conditions put forward in this. Effective candidates will be required to acknowledge the grant terms inside 14 days of notice by mycouriertracker. If effective candidates neglect to acknowledge inside 14 days, the grant installment will be relinquished and we may, in its sole carefulness, select an option, fruitful candidate.

Privacy and Security

  • Applicants agree that any Personal Information gathered regarding the online application structure might be utilized by us for motivations behind preparing applications for the Students with Disabilities Scholarship and investigation of program profitability. Also, candidates concur that this Personal Information might be imparted to our accomplices, partners, auxiliaries, replacements, licensees, and dole out for the reasons for sorting out and controlling the Scholarship.
  • The expression “Individual Information” as utilized in this implies first name, family name, address, phone number, email address, and some other data candidates furnish to us regarding the application. Candidates further comprehend that they might be reached by us corresponding to temporary positions, all-day openings for work, and other college program correspondence should they select in to get them. jrs tracker
  • Successful candidates concur that we may, every once in awhile, utilize their name as well as allude to their college in mycouriertracker’s special materials identifying with future grant programs.

Not an offer or agreement of business & you have to pay nothing & absolutely No FEE for Applying

  • Under no conditions will the accommodation of a grant application or the granting of a grant installment be translated as an offer or agreement of work with mycouriertracker. Candidates recognize that they present their application intentionally and not in certainty or trust. Candidates recognize that no secret, guardian, organization, or other relationship or suggested in-reality contract presently exists among candidates and us and that no such relationship is built up by the candidate’s acknowledgement of these terms and conditions.

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