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POS Tracking Malaysia Berhad is a Malaysian postal service group that provides logistic support and a courier transfer facility.  Its services include Standard Mail, CEP (Courier, Express & parcels), retail, international mails, logistics, and e-commerce. We deliver your packages with quality security and reliable service. Our customers are also given the option to trace their packages during the shipment.

POS started its functioning back in the 1800s as a formal postal service group in Malacca of the Malay peninsula. Later it got advanced and become a more vast group with developments in its structure and network.

Our network

Today, POS Malaysia Berhad is operating in Malaysia, Singapore, and other countries in the Malay peninsula region with millions of customers across the group. More than 920 public branches are working in Malaysia to deliver. POS has today numerous subsidiaries including Datapos SDN Bhd, PMB Properties SDN Bhd, PSH Allied Berhad, PSH Properties, Effivation, POS Aviation (that serves us to deliver international shipments), and many others.

Our associates include PosPay Exchange, CEN, CEN Technology, Elpis Printing, and others.

Track your parcel

Avail of our tracking services and track your package in its shipment route. Track your parcel at any time by visiting our accessible portal. Enter your shipment tracking number and get your job done.

Contact Us

We believe in customer care and advise our clients to feel free in contacting us regarding any query.

Contact No : +603 2267 2267 , +1 300 300 300

+03 7626 1900

You can also contact at our email.

Email : [email protected]

You may ask

How long does POS take to deliver my parcel?

For deliveries in Malay peninsula areas, it takes to a maximum of 24 hours while for the shipments in and from east Malaysia, it takes three to five days for the accomplishment of delivery.

How can I track my registered post at POS Malaysia?

We offer a fast and reliable tracking service for your parcels. You can track your parcel by entering the fifteen digit tracking number of your parcel in our online tracking portal.

Where do i find the tracking number?

You may find your tracking number on your parcel label under the heading “Tracking Number”.

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