JNE Express Shipment Tracking


The JNE Express Tracking facilitates its customers by providing real-time tracking of parcels with trustable accuracy regardless of the shipment destination. Our prestigious headquarters are operating 24/7 in Jakarta city of Indonesia.

Founding our roots in Indonesia, we are one of the leading logistic companies of Indonesia providing secure, reliable & quality shipment of goods & parcels not only within the country but also beyond the shores in different neighboring countries.

History of JNE Track Express

We started our services in 1990 as a subsidiary group of PT TIKI group companies. JNE was originally recognized as PT TIKI Jalur Nugarah Ekakurir company. In the coming years, our group separated from the root company as an independent entity.

Our services & Regions

With a tally of 12,000 working professionals, jne yes tracking support at international & domestic levels. We deliver packages & parcels within Indonesia as well as into the shores of Singapore, Taiwan, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Maldives & many other south & east Asian countries.

Our network

We hold a widespread logistic network in the far East comprising of hundreds of regional offices, hubs, units, delivery vehicles, cargo ships, and an extended airline facility network working for our legacy. Being a part if the International air transportation association (IATA), we acquire one of the best air transportation of parcels over the borders in the region.

Track your packages

JNE group believes in customer care & trust. Quality & security are our main priorities in business. We offer our customers to track their deliverables at any time. Simply open our service portal & enter your JNE Airwaybill number in the designated box and you will receive the exact location of your shipment.

Feel free to contact Us

Our guidance services for customers is available every time.

Contact us at (62 21) 2927 8888

Email : [email protected]

Is JNE a part of TIKI?

JNE started its journey under the TIKI group. Later, JNE had its own paths isolated from TIKI as the two companies had different journeys. Today JNE Express is an individualized organization.

JNE enables its clients to trace their packages in the path of delivery. Simply consult our portal and put your Airwaybill number in the required section. You will have your task done.

Is JNE international?

JNE Express is one of the leading courier & logistic networks working in Indonesia. It delivers international orders with prime accuracy and security.

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