GLS Tracking Service – Find Packages with GLS Tracker

GLS Tracking Service - Find Packages with GLS Tracker

GLS Tracking services provide shipment transfer & logistic facilities of all kinds of parcels across forty countries in Europe & USA as well as in Canada. Our fast & reliable services for our costumers are available 24/7.Responsibility, fairness in competition & integrity are our code values. Quality is our goal & first most priority. Our services maintain quality which is the key to our success.

How we started and went forward ?

The GSL group finds it’s initiative in Germany back in 1989 when we started as “German Parcel”. Until 2002, German Parcel had received it’s reputation as General Logistics System after successive achievements. Our group came forward in green environment projects in 2008 and today we maintain our services in best possible environment friendly tasks. 2015 marks our geographical expansion in North America.

GLS networking

We work across the whole Europe, USA & Canada forming a vast logistic network across the borders. We have a network of 28,000 delivery vans in these countries & partners working in those regions where we don’t have accessible subsidiaries. We hold more than 19,000 employees. A combination of hubs, customer bases & depots work in collaboration to facilitate our customers.

Our achievements

In the financial year 2019-20, we generated a total revenue of 3.6 billion Euros. In the same year, we delivered over 667 million parcels. We have 2,40,000 customers in tally and a total of 25,000 delivery shops.

Track your parcel

We offer easy tracking of parcels to our customers. Just open our portal and enter your parcel number. Parcels can also be traced by using Track IDs provided at notification cards. We are known for our real-time delivery information.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us at 01860 6200. Our services are available for customer guidance.

How long GSL takes to deliver ?

Parcels to be delivered within a country takes one day for delivery at maximum. Other deliveries are completed between 24 hours & 96 hours.

Is GSL part of Royal Mail ?

GSL group works as a subsidiary of British Royal Mail.

Is GSL part of ParcelForce ?

ParcelForce is a network partner of GSL group.

 Do GLS delivers in UK on Saturday ?

Yes GLS delivers in UK on Saturdays.