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ELTA Hellenic Post Tracking

ELTA Hellenic, also known as Hellenic Post S.A, is a Greek courier and postal service organization working across Greece. It is a state-owned company that delivers letters, parcels, packages, documents, and account deposits nationwide. It is one of the best companies in the business and provides quality transfers and tracking of packages. It also works in the domains of freight operations, third-party logistics, and EMS. The Hellenic Post S.A is also a part of the universal post union.

ELTA Hellenic organization was founded in 1828. It worked as a national post service for coming decades, including the world wars era. In 1970, ELTA Hellenic was converted into a company from the organization. Today, its headquarters are situated in Athens city of Greece.

Our Network

Our extensive network is webbed across the whole country, providing fast and reliable postal service. ELTA courier is our subsidiary group that provides courier service in addition to our postal assistance. The group approximately generates revenue of 340.75 million euros yearly.

Our tracking facility

ELTA courier and parcel services provide you with parcel tracking of your items at any time during the shipment route. You can track your package by entering the tracking number of your package provided at the time of pickup in our online tracking portal.


Contact us

Feel free to avail of our customer’s response services. Our employees are available 24/7 for your guidance.

Our Contact numbers :

+30-800-11-82-000, +30-201-33-53-100, +30-210-33-53-777

You can also email us at [email protected]


You may ask

How does my tracking number look like?

The Hellenic Post provides you a thirteen digit tracking number on your parcel label. The tracking number starts and ends with two Latin letters with numbers in between them.

Is Hellenic Post a private company?

The ELTA Hellenic is a state-owned company of Greece, with 90% shares under government control and 10% shares in the private sector. Overall, Hellenic Post is a government organization.

Can I send documents by Hellenic Post?

Hellenic Post is primarily a postal service provider that assists in transferring and delivering posts, letters, documents, and packages across Greece.