APL Shipment Tracking


Apl Tracking is the new addition in the mycouriertracker inventory it gives the ultimate control over finding the status of your vessel and containers. Apl has been into business for decades and in that period they have established a rock solid reputation of ocean carriers with guaranteed goods transportation and management.

The Apl fleet and customer care is the state of the art their commitment and outstanding service have given them a monopoly over the waters and people from the Philippines, Malaysia, and northeast Asia.

The recent use of apl cargo tracking has enabled them to become the leading figure in the field of e-commerce and container shipments. They have highly qualified and trained staff with experience of 170 years they are working around the clock to support their customers. Also See Jrs Tracking

It is really important when people are waiting for their shipments and some tier3 network don’t return their calls well in that period people really thinks about switching their traditional services. The edge container and shipment track and trace are wherever you are you can get a real-time status of your goods and can have peace of mind.

Container booking bill of landing and everything can be traced by just entering the reference number and the rest is on the tracking mechanism it will quickly pop up the details you were looking for. But its important to tell that these matters are case sensitive so always use the correct details otherwise you will not be able to find your goods.

Customer Support:

Every consumer gives huge weightage to the company attitude and their staff behavior and that’s why it’s necessary that they should be dealt with properly and in that case giving them a customer support number is a nice idea. people can reach Apl from here 

9 North Buona Vista Drive
#14-01 The Metropolis Tower 1
Singapore 138588
Tel: (65) 6278 9000
Fax: (65) 6278 4900

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