ABX Express Tracking and Easy Parcel

ABX Express Tracking and Easy Parcel

ABX Air Inc is an American cargo airline service that provides logistic support directly by handling and delivering parcels and indirectly by working as a shipment partner of various other courier companies.

We deliver public pages across the oceans and within the country with sheer accuracy. We believe in customer care and provide our clients with the best parcel tracking facility.

ABX operates from its headquarters in Wilmington city of Ohio state in the United States of America. Apart from delivery services, we are engaged in many other counter businesses, including freight services of crew maintenance, flight support, and training.

Our Network

ABX network relies on its well tallied thirty-seven aircraft, out of which eight are Boeing 767-300BDSF, and twelve are Boeing 767-200BDSF.

ABX also serves as air support to DHL in its delivery operations across the United States of America. Well over 6,000 employees work under us to ensure public service.

Track via us

By availing our services, our customers are facilitated with tracking their couriers during the shipment route anytime they will. We are obliged to provide our customers real-time tracking.

Our exclusive parcel service is Always reliable.
You can track your shipment easily by consulting our online portal and entering your shipment tracking code in the desired box.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us at our customer helpline number available 24/7 for guidance.

Contact No : +60377116688

You can also contact us by our email address.

Email: [email protected]

You may visit our official website for a detailed outlook by visiting http://www.abxexpress.com.my/

More Queries?

Who owns ABX Air?
ABX Air Inc is a courier service and operational flight group working in the USA. Air Transport Services Group owns it.

Who is the head of ABX Air?
One of the main personalities in ABX, Dave Soaper, serves as the President of the ABX Air group.

Is DHL part of ABX?
ABX is an airlift support provider to DHL logistics. ABX is a DHL flight operation partner to deliver couriers by aircraft in the United States of America.

How long does it take to deliver a parcel from ABX?
Regular deliveries take a maximum of one day as delivery time of packages by ABX Air Inc.